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Our Successes

Medical Malpractice

Verdict obtained for family whose daughter suffered catastrophic brain injuries at birth because mother's physician failed to perform an emergency c-section in a timely fashion. Verdict enabled family to provide for child's significant, long-term medical care needs at home and avoid the need to place the child in an institution.

Truck Accident

Settlement obtained on behalf of woman who received devastating injuries and was disabled as a result of a semi-truck collision. This settlement helped provide her with long-term care and compensation for her significant injuries which included loss of her left arm, head injuries and reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

Automobile Accident

Verdict obtained on behalf of a 68 year-old retired army colonel who was rear-ended by another motorist, resulting in back injuries and necessitating medical and chiropractic expenses. Client suffered permanent injury to soft tissues in his back and neck that significantly interfered with daily physical activities.

Products Liability

Verdict obtained on behalf of a high school football player who suffered a permanent paraplegic neck injury during a football game. National experts from around the country were retained to assist the jury to understand the issues of the defective design of the helmet and the future medical needs and expenses of our client.

Electric/Power Line

Settlement obtained with power company as a result of significant electrical burn injuries sustained by an Indiana toll road worker when overhead crane came in contact with a 34,000 volt power line which was hanging too low in violation of the National Electric Safety Code.

Underinsured Motorist

Verdict obtained on behalf of sheriff's deputy who was injured by fleeing suspect whose vehicle ran into the deputy's vehicle. Sheriff's deputy suffered injuries to his neck and back.

Automobile Accident/Uninsured Motorist

Verdict obtained for sheriff's deputy who was struck by a speeding driver who drove through a stop sign while deputy was responding to an emergency call. The sheriff's deputy sustained significant multiple injuries as a result of the uninsured driver's negligence.

Wrongful Death

Settlement obtained on behalf of widow of semi-truck driver who was killed when his truck was struck by another semi-driver operating his vehicle while under the influence of drugs, including cocaine.

Medical Malpractice

Verdict obtained for client when client's physician failed to recognize and treat client's post-operative infection. The physician's failure to treat the infection led to the need for a total knee replacement, rendering the client disabled. The verdict was obtained after the physician's insurance company refused to make any settlement offer prior to trial.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A settlement was obtained on behalf of a teenage girl who suffered a traumatic brain injury while riding as a passenger in a vehicle with her boyfriend. The girl suffered a frontal lobe injury which resulted in long term damage. A Harvard pediatric neurologist was hired to help diagnose and address the girl's future needs.

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